10% of the company’s profit goes to the Dunamis Charity Fund.
We support welfare organizations like:

Etin Osa Foundation - Benin-City - Nigeria.

Etin Osa Foundation is a non-profit organization that trains widows and orphans with the aim to get them engaged in the economic system. Micro-credits give the possibility to those who are interested in setting
up a local business, and Etin Osa foundation support these young entrepreneur’s with micro-finance.

Our long term goal with the foundation is to set up a total self-supported eco village providing housing, schooling, hospital and attached eco agricultural project empowering young people to become the nation’s leaders of tomorrow.

Mercy Ships

We came in contact with Mercy ships in 1998 when their 20th anniversary was celebrated on board of the hospital ship Anastasia and we did partner with them as volunteers. These days the African Mercy sails to the main ports of West Africa providing relief and bringing hope to those that are sick, the needy and have no future without this wonderful work.

For more info see our links. Our customers get regular updates through mail as they partner in business, they automatically partner with us in this great endeavor for a better world.





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